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David Echeverri
UX/UI Digital Media Designer

Since 1999, David Echeverri has been fully devoted to multi-media, digital design projects, from the creative and technical front, to the business unit management level. David has a solid experience working for marketing agencies, web-communication departments and software development companies, where he has been senior manager and the lead for the implementation of large online business initiatives, including web design and mobile development, graphic design, motion design, video production, sound design, creative advertising, B2B presentations, content development and digital design project planning. Over the years, David has been working with numerous clients from various industries. Each and every project carried with different communication challenges. To execute these projects, David has successfully utilized various techniques and methods, all of them focused in process improvement, agile product development and delivery of fully integrated, compiling sets of multimedia services.

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Industry Background

Digital Media, Information Technology, Web Development, Visual Design, Arts and Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising, Information Design, E-commerce.



12 years of digital media production experience in consumer facing web projects, 7 years of background working in a software development environment with extensive experience with corporate enterprise content, design process improvement, large scale marketing campaigns, multi-platform digital design, video and audio editing, web user interface, desktop software interface, motion design, rich media advertising, SEO and multimedia team management.


Multimedia Skill Sets


  • Web Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Video & Multimedia Production
  • Motion Design
  • Digital Design Processes
  • Mobile Design
  • User Interface
  • Operating Systems
  • Productivity Software
  • CMS Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Google Technologies


Technical Skills


  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Project
  • FTP – Filezilla
  • DOM
  • Dupral
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Actionscript
  • Jquery
  • XML
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Google Adwords


Responsibilities Handled Over Time


  • Handling all the activities related to production of company Websites.
  • Designing web based user interfaces for PC and mobile.
  • Administrating web server, FTP accounts and multiple domains.
  • Handling all the activities related to content optimization for web design.
  • Preparing design plan, concept and layout for promotional video projects.
  • Delivering digital design creatives for massive advertising campaigns.
  • Design Process Improvement.
Production of motion graphics for video deliverables.
Creation and delivery of graphics for websites, marketing materials and video.
Working with art and development teams to understand project scopes and objectives.
Assisting in selecting audio, video, animation, and digital assets for multimedia design.
Working with editors, programmers and other designers to resolve technical and/or design issues.
  • Editing raw video footage and add effects/elements to enhance corporate presentations.
  • Researching and implementing best design techniques and solutions to create multimedia content.
Assisting in designing and creating storyboards and marketing scripts.
Participating in brainstorming sessions to share design perspectives and ideas.
Maintaining best practices for search engine optimization and responsive design.
Maintaining up-to-date knowledge about digital media trends.
  • Ensuring compliance with company guidelines, deadlines and industry standards.


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