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Responsive Websites and Digital Media Creative with IDENTITY

Models of identity is a production studio that focuses exclusively in digital media, covering areas such as web project development, marketing materials, video production, online advertising and user interface.

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Content based online solutions with IDENTITY

We design accessible user centered websites keeping your content as priority.


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Strategic Web Development

Beyond just the appearance, content creation for your project will encompass robust research, strategy, testing and analysis to ensure effectiveness.

Enter website

Sites with Identity

We make websites with unique identities so your business can stand out, be relevant and recognized.

Fully Customized Content

We ensure your content is fully customized and your idea is well explained bit by bit

Conversions and Engagement

We make content relevant for both users and search engines, a fully optimized content ensures visibility

Clean Design Structure, Polished Graphics and Optimized Content for SEO

Our design philosophy is not just about looks but about functionality, content and an optimal user experience

Safe and responsive design compiling with HTML 5 standards and best CSS3 practices on websites that work for all devices.

Fluid layouts that will make your company look consistent across devices and multimedia platforms.

A promotional price if you can bring us leads and referrals.

Digital Identity

Digital identity allows you to stand out in a digital landscape where your competitors all look the same.

Models of Identity encourages you to shape a digital identity that is reliable and memorable.

We rely on agile creative processes that include testing, analytics, and permanent user feedback.

HTML 5 Compliant Design

It's a fact, the industry is turning towards HTML5 web design, this is the right way.

HTML5 compliant design ensures consistency across devices and web browsing platforms.

HTML5 websites look more beautiful and cleaner that cluttery flash websites and old sites from the nineties.

Models of Identity is a creative lab and a publishing studio focused exclusively in digital media design and production. We make responsive websites, web commercials, videos, motion design, marketing creatives and multimedia presentations. Models of Identity strives for innovation and process improvement.
A website production quote is based in a custom project that looks into your business requirements and design preferences, typically, a website is charged by a the number of content pages, it's key features, and/or the hours of service involved in development, for more information please contact us

Websites and marketing media are built by considering first, your wish list of requirements. We suggest web solutions that address communication problems, and push to maintain a process where you are actively involved in all phases of development.

Run your business from any device

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Have your website look and work great in your phone, tablets, desktop PC's, laptops, projection screens and TVs. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.