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Sweet Small Climbing Holds that make your Fingers Stronger

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We design by hand and for your hands, each single hard candy hold is made keeping ergonomical and environmental considerations.


With proper installation and cleaning Hard Candy holds can last you for a lifetime and beyond.


We don't want to tax the climber with expensive holds but with affordable solutions for their indoor experience

About Hard Candy

What are Hard Candy Climbing Holds?


Hard Candy Climbing holds are individually crafted, small, technical climbing holds primarily made for intermediate-advanced climbing training and tendom development. These resin-rocks are designed keeping in mind ergonomical considerations and environmental care. Each climbing hold can last for a lifetime with proper mainteinance.

These climbing holds are made for climbers who own a personal climbing panel (ex: Home Wall) or for climbing gym owners who are in the business of providing guidance and climbing space.


For Personal Climbing Walls / Panels

You just built your own personal climbing wall at home? don't wait until you save up for expensive holds that you can easily get cheaper and will make your fingers stronger. We have made a research about tendom performance and have found out how certain shapes can be used to give you the skills to hold on tighter.


For Climbing Centers and Sport Facilities

Climbing gyms are always in the look to diversify their features and offer climbers a non-monotonous experence.
Hard Candy Climbing holds are just another touch of difference in climbing facilities. These fun, small and technical climbing features are suited to all kinds of indoor training centers.

Made for Climbers

Featured Set

Hard Candy / Sour Apple Set / CA$29.00




The Green Apple Candy Climbing Set is ready to be screwed up into your wall!...

24 Hrs Delivery in Vancouver.
4 Days Delivery in western Canada and USA.

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Considerations before installing Hard Candy Holds

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