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Product Pages on Steroids

Reach new levels of conversions and engagement with Coccyx template.

Under 15Kb. Over 1000 Downloads.

Why to waste time with overcomplicated web pages when you can just use anorexic layouts? Boiler gives you the ability to replace content with few clicks and have a fully customized page in minutes. Change the colors using CSS, change the text with any text editor or web design tool. No commitments, no registrations, no BS.

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Creative multi-product page pack

Coccyx is a product-focused, clean, creative, fully responsive and powerful HTML5 Landing Page. Great modern design makes BOILER irresistible. BOILER is fast to setup and customize. Optimal for creative professionals, marketers, content creators and developers.  

Websites that work harder and smarter. 

  • Flexible Design System
  • W3 Compliant
  • Fully Responsive
  • Adaptable to any content or media
  • Innovative lego-like approach
  • Clean code, slick layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Brand it your way
  • Fully responsive design and retina ready
  • Modern Browser Compatible
  • Multiple layouts and a hundreds of elements

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Download Anorexic Layouts

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