Divless 1.0

by Models of Identity


A brutalist division-less design framework to pack your contents efficiently

No fluff, no filler concept

The concept is simple. One column, no div tags site. Fully mobile and content focused, texts and links are just there to tell the story. Do not worry about layout. Stack up your content. Have it work on any device, any platform, any browser, forever.

What makes this framework unique and fantastic for web design and development

Usability Considerations

DIVLESS is a framework that encourages the cleanest possible markup and the cleanest, clutter-free CSS, while maintaining legibility and a bold, minimalist aesthetic. You may think we're returning to the old days of the web, this is in part true, DIVLESS is the acceptance that content remains king, and all the CSS and Javascript trickery only exists to fancy up the UI. 

DIVLESS is certainly not the framework for every website on the INTERNET, but it will surely increases performance DRAMATICALLY and bumps your CONTENT to center stage AGAIN.

The Applications

From landing pages to editorial blogs and e-commerce. This simple, brutalist framework can give your site an edge. But not necessarily with bells and whistles, but with a boiler plate that lets you put together websites and pages in minutes.

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