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      Membership Information

      Provisional members of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (SCP) periodically identify the need for “special consideration” (accommodations) in completing the requirements for Full Practice licensure. MORE

    • Complaints and Resolutions


      The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is a statutory committee of Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (the College), the regulatory body for psychology in Saskatchewan. The mandate of PCC is to protect the public by ensuring that registered psychologists are qualified, competent, and that they follow the professional standards and ethical guidelines adopted by the College. MORE

    • Taking Care of Members

      Membership Packages

      Members will receive a package including: a copy of the complaint, information about the process, the complainant’s permission to use his or her file notes in response, and the member’s opinion regarding releasing information to complainant. Members may elect at this time to seek advice by consulting with a lawyer.


    • Our mission

      The reason of the college
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      The College is a responsible, responsive and professional organization that respects the rights and dignity of others and the integrity of relationships.

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      We regulate the profession through the registration of psychologists and ensure the protection of the public through the ethical, competent practice of the members.

    • Legislation and Agreements

      What we stand for
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      Saskatchewan's Psychologists Act, 1997, was proclaimed March 1, 2002. The Psychologists Act (1997) set up an Executive Council, elected by the members of the College. The Executive Council consists of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Members at Large. It is also mandated to include three Public Representatives appointed by the Government.

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