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This is Vektor, a fully responsive HTML5 site template designed by models of identity. Includes design and techncal support up to 120 hours.

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How to use Vektor

  • Customize Vector yourself

    Use this template yourself (you must have knowledge of HTML5 and CSS)

  • Call Models of Identity

    Call models of Identity and get personalized support and custom design options

Focusing on Screen size beyond specific devices

Our designs are coded into valid CSS/HTML5, The pages loads faster, are crawled by search engines, are browser compatible, and are easy to customize. Flat design can be seen as the more sophisticated and versatile cousin of minimalism. While flat designs look great when made within the restraints of minimalism, they can also handle a lot more complexity; these designs have a crispness and clarity that can only be achieved by stripping away three dimensional effects. In its essence, flat design has two objectives:

  • Technological Infrastructure for your Website

    Using this newfound simplicity as a starting point for streamlining designs, and making websites faster and more functional.

  • An increase of time spent on your website

    You can use this website for free, however if you decide to develop this web model and turn it into your own website, you may require a model customization servcie. for additional details please contact directly the designer of this website:

  • Adapting to Screen Sizes

    Not every website structure needs to be re-designed for a smaller screen. Sometimes making columns stack and letting their widths fit the screen is the optimal treatment.

Web Graphics

By: Models of Identity

Responsive Design Patterns

Rather than developing your website project independently, collaborating with designers, writers and developers to make design decisions directly in code helps this process reach an organic solution. You ar elooking for a balance between the visual and maintaining functionality that would provide a good user experience across devices.

On Models of Identity websites, not all sections required custom treatments for smaller screens. Below the team area, the “Habitat” (article, workshops and events) section implements a more straightforward responsive approach in which the two-column layout simply stacks vertically. The detail pages for each of those items also use a similar stacking approach, and we made sure the option to register for a workshop was in a prominent location.