Premium, lean product sales pages for instant deployment.

Proven effective and lean HTML/CSS skeleton layouts for high converting content. Go live today. 

Do not waste time with overcomplicated, over engineered, under-performing, head ache inducing web templates. Go with anorexic layouts. The true LEAN pages.

Get 24+ templates and over 100+ graphic assets. Build microsites and landing pages in MINUTES.

Anorexic Layouts takes the hassle of building microsites and sales pages with a toolkit of proven effective templates of today.

Whether you run an .com store or you have your new line of digital downloads, Anorexic layouts' format gives you the building blocks while letting you make your site your own by:

  • W3 compliant HTML and CSS
  • Build pages 100x faster than starting from scratch
  • Download with no registration, no memberships, no junk emails
  • More than 10,000 possible combinations to make web pages
  • Bootstrap 4 Powered
  • Fully Customizable with your own classes and CSS
  • Includes detailed tutorials
  • Create websites and pages in seconds with copy-paste enabled components
  • Edit with any text editor and over 10 different visual editors
  • Responsive by default, mobile in nature

For Designers and creative agencies

Build your single-page sites and sales funnels with Anorexic layout templates. Create deployable front end designs, not just plain and useless mockups in sketch or photoshop. Edit with any visual editor like dreamweaver, pingendo, or pingrow. Or simply, edit in a text editor.

For Developers and software companies 

Focus on your code. Employ a practical minimalistic, javascript free template kit built on top of the latest bootstrap. Use a framework you're already familiar with, and save designer work.

For Infopreneurs and Affiliate marketers

Mass produce your landing, checkout, thank you, detail and all funnel pages you have been planning out. Add your copy, link up your pages and upload your site. As simple as that. No designer or developer intervention to edit the templates. You do it. You have full control over your content and look.

Preview the 24 Pro pack templates

Why Anorexic Layouts

24 High converting product templates in a single pack 



While the average web template in 2018 is 800k, Anorexic is lean and light, actually the file size per page is a 7k, not seen since the 90's!



While designers go crazy with javascript, we reduce javascript stress to a minimum. anorexic is a strict layout that follows best practices.



All CSS driven. The language of the web is CSS and HTML, not WIX and SQUARESPACE.



It has pre-canned content that guides you so you know what to replace into the placeholders. 



Is multi-functional and adaptable to any niche or product that can be itemized. Works with your own products or affiliates.



Is responsive and works not just in the small screen but also in cinema and 40+ inch monitors.



It's made with proven effective grid design, tested in multiple browsers, devices and screens. passed a rigorous QA test.



You get 24 different page skeletons and components that are fully interchangeable. Resulting in the potential of thousands of designs.

Not sure ? 

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The total product page for anything you sell. Featured image, CTA button, feature list, product description, upsale plans and testimonials box.



Modern and minimalistic template showcasing a main product image and short text on the right. On the left, you have a punching headline, followed by the feature list and a price chart. A fully expandable template you can customize in few minutes.



Just-add-water template for immediate use and implementation. Replace the images and add your text. Publish in your own domain and be live today. As simple as that.


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Getting Started:

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We can help you customize the ANOREXIC LAYOUTS templates or just assist you with the Anorexic Pack. Feel free to reach out.

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