A Succulent Website that Responds in all Devices

BUILDERDEV, responsive website for construction companies

Think about what visitors want most from your mobile website and consider how to make it easy for them to access. By envisioning this from the user’s perspective, we decided this content was important enough to be in a prominent location on mobile devices. Simply showing this section when the device screen width implied a mobile resolution and setting it to not display on larger screens was enough to do the trick. Make sure your content is relevant for both users and search engine, use a collection of tactics instead of just one.

Over the past several years, construction industy websites have developed that merge of traditional editorial writing with user-generated content.

Responsive websites simplify internet marketing and SEO.

Websites are more effective when content has a consistent structure

Offer direct consultation from your website

Compelling user experience across devices is an essential feature of any modern site.

BUILDERDEV presents the right image of your business.

Modernizing your Website for your prospect clients