Consulting and Training

More than a compelling website framework, KONSUL comes with design and development support

Working Towards Accomplishments

Clarifying Goals

What Consultants do and How KONSUL Works for You

A Consultant must acknowledge to himself, and then to the Client, whether he is equipped with the right tools and expertise to solve the problem, accomplish the necessary changes and improvements, or whether more specialized help is needed. Consultants help you achieve goals through consulting, advising, and designing programs to fill the gaps between the actual situation and the desired one, Coaching, guiding, training (different levels) Developing management and supervisory skills and know-how, defining the company's mission, goals, and objectives.

As mobile designers, we have a stark decision to make: do we spend time learning new tools and changing our design processes to create our own transitional interfaces, or are
the tools that we've been using good enough? There's an old writing adage that advises writers, whenever possible, to “show, don't tell” when bringing characters to life. The goal is to reveal the story through the character’s experiences instead of the author’s.


Our Method