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David EcheverriSince 1999, I have been fully devoted to multi-media, digital design projects, from the creative and technical front, to the business unit management level. My work is founded in a solid experience working for marketing agencies, web-communication departments and software development companies. I have been senior manager and the lead for the implementation of large online business initiatives, including large website networks for software products, mobile web development, information product branding, graphic design, motion design, video production, sound design, creative advertising, B2B presentations, content development and project planning.

Over the years, I have has been collaborating with numerous clients from various industries. Each and every project carried with different communication challenges. To execute these projects, I have successfully utilized various techniques and methods, all of them focused in process improvement, agile product development and rapid delivery of fully integrated, compiling sets of multimedia assets that have resulted in measurably high conversion rates for the companies and products I’ve worked with. I currently work with a global-payment-solution client (www.hyperwallet.com), and also with my own line of info-products, which I design, develop and promote across multiple marketplaces including this website.


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Digital Media, Information Technology, Web Development, Visual Design, Arts and Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising, Information Design, E-commerce.



12 years of digital media production experience in consumer facing web/marketing projects, 7 years of background working in a software development environment with extensive experience with corporate enterprise content, design process improvement, large scale marketing campaigns, multi-platform digital design, video and audio editing, web user interface, desktop software interface, motion design, rich media advertising, SEO and multimedia team management.


 RECENT SAMPLES – Responsive, Slick, & Effective Websites

Models of Identity is always crafting new designs and developing web content based web models. We look towards the trends, the guidelines and the technologies that are in spring, to offer businesses tailored web solutions that include not just design and development but a full compiling content development strategy, search engine optimization and editorial advice.The Following are the latest models:

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FRUITFUL- Fruity, Tasty and Colorful Services Website

A web site design inspired in flavours and healthy lifestyle, a website model for your inspiration and reference.


LANDERPRO – A leading page for new business

The landing Page that will push your services out there in a single, elegant and compact, fully responsive web design.


BIZONE – Your business in a slick page

This website model is a sample for skilled professional individuals who want to showcase their online resume without looking like everybody else.


TRENDY – Digital Magazine

The theme of this website is futuristic fashion, trendy is a website that suits those companies who prefer a modern, clean style for their own brands and identity.


SOFTIFY – Information Technology Inspired

A website model aimed to provide design services to software and IT companies.


MOBILIUM – Absolutely Mobile

Mobilium is the ultra clean, straight to the point, mobile ready site for any commercial purpose. This is the type of model you want for users who are on the go and won’t have too much time to read hundred pages of literature about what you do. Mobilium is the micro site that says everything in a compact form.


MAINFOCUS – Full Screen Interactive Video Site

A full video background website that is applicable to those who want to convey messages by the use of motion images and audio


KONSUL – For Consulting and Advice

A website theme focused in consulting services, this website theme is ground of inspiration for lawyers, advisors, trainers, coaches and advisors.


STORY POINT – For Those who want to tell a story

This is a very seductive storytelling format, responsive, fluid layout that adapts beautifully to any device.


ADVENTURER – Adventure and Outdoor Lifestyle

This is a web design that portrays an adventure company, focused in the business of adventure.


For Construction and Architectural Design

A website geared towards the construction industry, a demonstration of how a construction company can look online.


For Spaces

A website model inspired and themed for information design.


Recent Case Study: Utherverse Digital


Utherverse Digital Inc – Corporate Website for Gaming Company

A corporate website design and content development for a software company developing virtual world 3D technology.


Utherverse Affiliate Program

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Virtual Convention

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Web Worlds

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Hard Candy

HardCandy is a sports supplier company specialized in climbing hold manufacturing, the microsite was designed to showcase the company’s products.


Martz Law – Law Services Website

Website, SEO and content optimization for a law firm, this project involved design, consulting, design of graphics, coding and meta-tag optimization.


Maximum Poly

This website is a corporate portal for Maximum Poly, a company in Saskatoon offering insulation services for residential and commercial spaces.

Romina Travel

Romina Travel is a website made for a travel agency promoting adventures to South America. The site was meant to  inform you about packages and deals that you could purchase.


Penta Foam

Penta Foam – Insulation service operating from Alberta – Canada. Penta specializes in spray foam insulation products and polyurethane solutions for industrial spaces.


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David Echeverri
416-488 Helmcken Street – Vancouver BC – Canada