How reverse brainstorming allows designers to find clever ideas

There are many tools and techniques to jump-start the design process such as mind maps, braindumps, group discussion, SWOT analysis, reversed brainstorming and others. Each of these mind tools has its own key points that qualify it to accomplish innovative solutions or initiative new project ideas. One of the main tools and most generally known and used is brainstorming. In simple ways, it refers to holding a meeting with stakeholders to mix up ideas and discuss the problem and the challenges that they may face solving such problem. However, creativity does not work in this way. Designers, especially, cannot just be creative based on a scheduled time or by getting the command to become creative. Best creative ideas come to us while showering, brushing our teeth, cleaning dishes or while driving our cars on the highway. Asking someone in a meeting on “how to solve a specific problem?” does not help to get creative results at all.

What is Reverse Brainstorming?
If you want to reach creative output, the process needs to be creative. However, the above-mentioned brainstorming technique lacks the creativity needed to obtain the desired results out of the session. Reverse brainstorming solves the problem in a backward way. The method can influence the mind to inseminate clever ideas and solutions.

Reverse brainstorming is a design thinking tool
Instead of asking how to solve X problem, reverse brainstorming is about finding what causes the problem or how to achieve an opposite result of what is expected. This method helps a team to understand the problem and flashes the ideas that can be used to solve it among other ideas discussed during the meeting. Reverse brainstorming provides unconventional thinking mechanisms to reach solutions that other thinking methods do not achieve. As creative thinking requires a flow of ideas, reverse brainstorming can help teams to create with unique thinking methods. Reverse brainstorming can be applied directly to the discussion meeting or it can be used if ordinary brainstorming fails to reach the desired solution for the problem or the targeted creative approach.