What are the best keyboards for designers? here our pick.

I still own a mechanical keyboard from the 90’s in perfect condition, it was the keyboard of my first Amiga computer. Guess what, mechanical keyboards are coming back, or actually, they never went away… There is something about being able to type “hard” that you can’t experience in the newer ultra soft keystrokes of laptops. This keyboard is pretty fun to use when creating your designs. I can’t tell you too much about Chinese companies who are selling good old school mechanical keyboards, but Hcman one is fantastic, and it’s one of the cheapest. For the same price of that Logitech rubber dome keyboard you see at Walmart or Best Buy, can get a mechanical keyboard! The switches are very clicky, very loud compared to a normal membrane keyboard, so don’t get it if you’re planning on using it in an office with other people unless you want to be that guy. For me, it works since it’s just sitting in front of my gaming PC at home, and on a subconscious level the sound reminds me, “I own a mechanical keyboard now!”.


The instructions aren’t terribly clear for the lighting modes, but they’re fairly easy to figure out (FN+1 or 2 or 3 or 4…etc, and they can be reprogrammed with FN+Esc). The lighting colors can’t be changed, each row has its own color, but for $25 it’s not a problem. The only thing I really wish this had that it doesn’t is a USB hub in it like my previous keyboard, but again, most plain keyboards you can buy at Walmart for the same price don’t have that, and I can live without it.

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