The reason to finally ditch Facebook, and focus on your own media channels

It’s time to ditch Facebook, before they ditch you as a publisher. Own your media. Facebook and soon youtube, twitter and even Pinterest are no longer viable options to learn or publish about current events and news. Multiple publishers have been shut out, or “ghosted out” of the newsfeed. Social media giants are now showing true face, they are political, they are moving towards the extreme, Orwellian left wing side of the spectrum. 2018 set a precedent, that is: we are censoring you if your political views don’t align with us. The rise of the soviet union of social media is becoming more and more evident. The irony is, you will see an increase in Facebook pages promoting child transsexualism, gay experimentation, and pro Trump bashing, while they close down, the independent journalist, the solo fact finders, traditional family businesses, Christian sites and other more conservative, traditional publishers, everything under the reasoning of they being “extreme” or saying offensive things that are offensive because they offended the feelings and hypersensitivity of someone else. The old days when you could post the funny meme will soon be gone. The tough police are nowhere, and is lead by the social media giants who once told us “we’re platforms” “not publishers”. Right now there is no difference between the way Facebook operates and CNN. in terms of content. They are algorithmically looking to steer opinion.

I have a business and I’m all about Facebook, is it reliable long term?
Stop please, stop relying on social media, and especially Facebook, see, using platforms is like renting an apartment, the landowner can kick you out without a notice, and you won’t be able to make a case against it.

Remember: Having your own domain and working on your own web properties is like owning your land. That’s where the efforts should be.

Are we living a new Book burning age?
Imagine this, a brand works for 8 years to build up a following. Facebook encourages that brands do this and give them the tools to do so. Then one day facebook simply shuts off access to that following, why? because you posted a meme. After seeing the countless alternative and conscious media pages shut down or lose all their reach, it doesn’t take much to see that what is actually happening is a mix of Facebook needing to make more money via advertising and censorship of certain voices. Many pages within this realm have even been “unpublished,” with no real explanation from Facebook as to why. These are pages that have spent years building up their platforms interacting with their followers and building a community. All that effort just to be kicked to the curb for no real cause?


It’s time to stop relying on Facebook, because they can just shut you out in one second for the wrong meme you post. Visit Websites Directly – Don’t rely on social media anymore. Take the time to go to websites you love directly, as this will ensure you see the content.

Scrolling through Facebook waiting for the next thing to catch your interest is basically the equivalent to flipping through channels on the television. Find your own content, according to what you are interested in. Unsure of what you’re seeing? Do your own research! It’s up to us to ensure we aren’t just rolling over and letting big corporations with their big agendas dictate our lives. Time to rise to this washed out Internet, take matters into our own hands and rise above!

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