Web Samples

This section showcases a combination of selected projects both B2B and B2C. All our designs are HTML 5, CSS3 compliant, fluid layouts, responsive, SEO optimized and graphically polished. We believe in agile methods, novel software, rapid prototyping and the smart use of web development platforms.


A Recent Project: The Ideas Machine – Media Consulting

newThe Ideas Machine delivers profitability, improved sales, increased advertising, consolidation of your brands or better rating in television is achieved with your staff. Training them, giving contemporary management tools, creating content models, organization, sales and marketing strategies.


Hyperwallet – UX Projects

newAs a full time, 6 months contractor, David Echeverri (www.modelsofidentity.com) has build a large collection of projects and materials assisting product developers, marketing and implementation teams modernize HyperWallet’s product UX, while applying design initiatives to various projects.


Century 21 – Online Office for Realtours

newThis video promotes the back office portal of CENTURY 21. Real estate agents can pick and choose marketing materials to promote their properties for sale. The Online Office Project is a synchronized online system to help agents get connected with their clients everywhere they go.


Komfort Insulation

Komfort Insulation provides spray foam insulation services for home owners in the Saskatoon Area.


Saskatchewan college of psychologists

The Saskatchewan college of psychologists is a responsive and professional organization that respects the rights and dignity of others and the integrity of relationships


Climbing Workouts – Training systems

A web model with an Aeronautic Theme, aimed to companies looking to have an edge on their online corporate identity.


CONSTRUCTOR – a website for engineering and technology based enterprises

Constructor is a website that works as a referent for the construction industry, this robust, well sectioned design has all the structural elements a construction company needs to engage in business over the internet.


Canadian Aviation Services

Canadian Aviation Services is a helicopter part broker operating in North America and exchanging heli parts with different areas. This project was the design and development of a responsive website where users could find the best product deals.


ELEGANZIA- Elegant website inspirational model for high tech product marketing

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


WONDERLANDIA – Simple wonder template for business startups

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


SPACE FUSION – Futuristic and spacious website for marketing

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


KASTELLO – Expressive, practical and graphical web solution

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


FLUORESCENCE- Have your website glowing

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


BLACKCAT – Agile website solution for quick starters

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


RUSTIK – The Rustik style of your web

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


GHOSTY- Website for visibility

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


SCANDINAVIAN – The Nordic touch of a website

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


AGIL – Jump start your website with an agile model

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


TEAHOUSE – Your website in a cup of tea

Status: LIVE
by: Models of Identity


REBOOT-IT a powerful framework-based design themed for web application development companies and IT Marketing

Rebootit is the bad boy that will get your online business running in few days without the hassle of having to build from the ground up. Rebootit is a website model designed to suit the marketing content needs of web application development companies.


DRAGONROLL – An agile website for quick information and presentation

Dragonroll is a standalone, microsite model that can be quickly adapted for any business cause. The simplicity of its design combined with the sophistication of it’s code, allows editors, designers and developers assemble web projects quick and on budget.


PRISMA- Full screen prismatic slider

Prisma is a web component that takes full advantage of the screen, maximizing the rotation of background images and enhancing marketing campaigns and promotional content over the web.


FARE- Flat Design website, applies to any business

Fare is a web model with a strong focus on typography and flat, wide design, a beautiful scrollable site that makes sure you understand core business messages and quickly absorb page content.


HYBERNAT – Simple, stylish website for marketing

Hybernat is another microsite design that combines simplicity with responsiveness, it’s fully adaptable to various business models.


MOBILIUM – Absolutely Mobile

Mobilium is the ultra clean, straight to the point, mobile ready site for any commercial purpose. This is the type of model you want for users who are on the go and won’t have too much time to read hundred pages of literature about what you do. Mobilium is the micro site that says everything in a compact form.


FRUITFUL- Fruity, Tasty and Colorful Services Website

A web site design inspired in flavours and healthy lifestyle, a website model for your inspiration and reference.


MEMOIRE- Enhanced Article Page

This is a web design that portrays an adventure company, focused in the business of adventure.


BIZONE – Your business in a slick page

This website model is a sample for skilled professional individuals who want to showcase their online resume without looking like everybody else.


SONICA – Online Radio Station

Sonika is a sophisticated platform dedicated to delivering audible content over the web, inspired in Soundcloud, Mixcloud and other various music site interfaces. Sonika compiles efficient functionality with a clean, elegant design.

VEKTOR – Fast loading and screen adaptable website for small business

Vektor is perhaps the fastest-to-assemble website model handled by Models of Identity, this expandable microsite offers the primary sections of a startup business, while remaining clean and responsive across devices.


SOFTIFY – Information Technology Inspired

A website model aimed to provide design services to software and IT companies.


MAINFOCUS – Full Screen Interactive Video Site

A full video background website that is applicable to those who want to convey messages by the use of motion images and audio


KONSUL – For Consulting and Advice

A website theme focused in consulting services, this website theme is ground of inspiration for lawyers, advisors, trainers, coaches and advisors.


STORY POINT – For Those who want to tell a story

This is a very seductive storytelling format, responsive, fluid layout that adapts beautifully to any device.


PULSATION – Medical- Corporate Site

by: Models of Identity


ADVENTURER – Adventure and Outdoor Lifestyle

This is a web design that portrays an adventure company, focused in the business of adventure.


For Construction and Architectural Design

A website geared towards the construction industry, a demonstration of how a construction company can look online.


For Spaces

A website model inspired and themed for information design.



Recent Case Study: Utherverse Digital


Utherverse Digital Inc – Corporate Website for Gaming Company

A corporate website design and content development for a software company developing virtual world 3D technology.


Utherverse Affiliate Program

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Virtual Convention

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Web Worlds

A website for marketing affiliates of utherverse DIgital Inc. Users can check their account status, download resources and obtain information about payments and other rewards.


Hard Candy

HardCandy is a sports supplier company specialized in climbing hold manufacturing, the microsite was designed to showcase the company’s products.


Martz Law – Law Services Website

Website, SEO and content optimization for a law firm, this project involved design, consulting, design of graphics, coding and meta-tag optimization.


Maximum Poly

This website is a corporate portal for Maximum Poly, a company in Saskatoon offering insulation services for residential and commercial spaces.

Romina Travel

Romina Travel is a website made for a travel agency promoting adventures to South America. The site was meant to  inform you about packages and deals that you could purchase.


Penta Foam

Penta Foam – Insulation service operating from Alberta – Canada. Penta specializes in spray foam insulation products and polyurethane solutions for industrial spaces.